Direct deposit to Glow with Ratio

Glow makes crypto friendly and fun on Solana

Glow is one of those products that gets better each time you use it, revealing itself slowly as you move beyond its welcoming onboarding and friendly design.

In many ways, Glow is a perfect articulation of why we love crypto, and why the next billion users will love it too. It’s fast, fun, and familiar.

After importing an existing wallet, I was immediately drawn in by Glow’s relaxed design and familiar patterns, including simple send/receive functionality, intuitive asset swaps, and a transaction feed that feels more like Cash App than Solscan.

But as you use the product day to day, you start to notice what makes Glow stand out. 

  • You can list NFTs, manage bids and offers, and track your ME bidding balance, all from within the app or extension

  • You can burn spam tokens in a few clicks and receive SOL in return

  • You can stake SOL and see it presented beautifully alongside your unstaked SOL balance

Starting today, Glow users in the US can automatically convert part of their paycheck to SOL and receive it in their Glow wallet on payday. Soon, you’ll also be able to link a bank account or debit card directly to your Glow wallet using Ratio.

At Ratio, our mission is to make adding money to your crypto wallet feel more like adding money to Venmo or Cash App. That means giving users familiar “add money” options; without funding fees, and without processing fees.

Sign up for Ratio here.

Download Glow for iOS, Chrome, and Firefox here.