No fee crypto on-ramp

Introducing Ratio

A no-fee and direct to wallet crypto on-ramp

It probably goes without saying, but I believe crypto makes the web better. Crypto enables new business models, incentivizes collaboration, and creates more access to opportunity. 

The naysayers will tell you that while those are nice benefits, they only exist in a small corner of the Web today. And while I hate to agree with the pessimists, they are probably right for the time being.

Crypto investing has clearly gone mainstream.  As of writing about 400 million people across the world own crypto and the total market capitalization of crypto is $1.8T.  

Like you, I am a crypto investor. And like many of you, I’ve unsuccessfully tried to time the market, sold some crypto to pay down debt, and even lost some of it in one of the more infamous exchange hacks. I’ve also forgotten about crypto for months or years at a time while out living my life.

The ability to invest in crypto networks and protocols is a foundational part of web3. As of writing over 400 million people have invested in crypto. My hope is that within the next decade those 400 million people, and many more, will use crypto in their day to day lives.

Crypto is more than an asset class.  Crypto is web native money.

Ratio’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of web native money by making fiat to crypto transfers instant and free. All from within your favorite crypto wallet.

What is Web Native Money

Web native money combines the simplicity of cash with the composability of the internet. It means moving money faster, cheaper, and more programmatically. Making it easier to get paid for what you create, build closer relationships with your customers, and coordinate resources with people all over the globe. 

Today, there are about thirty million people using crypto as web native money. We buy NFTs, subscribe to services, and send money peer to peer. In order to use web native money, you need to have a crypto wallet with coins in it.

Wallets and “on-ramps”

There are 74 wallets using Wallet Connect, a popular service for connecting applications with wallets for user authentication and transaction approvals. Let’s assume that this represents most of the wallet providers in existence today. We think the number of wallet providers will grow 10x, maybe 100x, in the next decade as wallets are embedded into everything from payment processing to loyalty programs. 

As the number of wallets grows so will our use of web native money. Today, getting crypto into a wallet feels like doing foreign exchange. You’re choosing between two bad options.

  1. Use a centralized exchange like Coinbase: Pay an account funding fee of 1.49%, wait for 2-5 days, pay a transaction fee between $0.99 and $2.99, buy crypto, withdraw to wallet.

  2. Use a debit or credit card to buy crypto through Moonpay. Pay a card processing fee of 3.5%.

We need familiar patterns for depositing and withdrawing money from crypto wallets. Depositing to a crypto wallet should be as easy as adding funds to a Venmo or Cash App.

Ratio’s Role

Ratio’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of web native money by making it easier to deposit and withdraw from your crypto wallet.

The first way we're doing this is by introducing payroll deposit to crypto wallet. Now, anyone in the US can request any amount of their paycheck be converted to crypto and sent directly to the wallet of their choice.

Next, we will enable users to instantly add/withdraw money from a linked bank account to any crypto wallet.

We think that enabling these familiar deposit and withdrawal options will result in more funded crypto wallets and incentivize more people and businesses to use and accept web native money, particularly stablecoins, day to day.

– Jeremy Black, Co-founder, Ratio