Ratio Release Notes

Release Notes

New updates and improvements to Ratio

Payroll Connect

We integrated with our first four payroll providers via a third party aggregator called Atomic. Prior to this, users would need to manually update their payroll account with their Ratio “bank account” details.

Now, if you have a payroll account with Gusto, ADP, Workday, or Paychex, you can set new crypto payday instructions from directly within the Ratio app

Coin and Wallet Setup

We thought about different ways to approach “allocations”, and decided that we would ask the user to set up each coin, and therefore each wallet address, separately. The initial user experience was a single screen with a table layout. This implementation felt crowded and we didn’t think it would scale well as we supported new assets or funding mechanisms. The new layout creates a more streamlined “one time action” by asking the user to set up each coin individually, and therefore connect a wallet address for each of BTC, ETH/MATIC, and SOL as needed.