Ratio and Vessel

Vessel x Ratio

Partnering to make crypto accessible

As Web3 expands, wallets will evolve to be more inclusive, supporting a wider range of uses and users. Setting up most crypto wallets means learning new concepts like public/private key cryptography and adapting to new patterns like securely storing a seed phrase.

Self-custody can be intimidating, but as Vessel has proven, it doesn’t have to be.

From a setup and authentication perspective, a crypto wallet is three things:

  • A private key

  • A public key

  • A recovery or “seed” phrase

The problem with seed phrases is that they are an unfamiliar pattern to most people. In what other situation would you need to remember a set of 12 or 24 random words in order to gain access to a service or software product?

Enter Vessel, which instead of using a set of randomly generated words, uses three things you already know how to use:

  • Email

  • Password

  • PIN


Vessel uses these known Web2 patterns (a password & a PIN) to generate a non-custodial private key in lieu of seed phrases which makes self-custody feel familiar and welcoming. And they’ve done it while helping the user to understand a new model of portability and responsibility.

A couple other things we love about Vessel:

  • Vessel users can direct deposit any amount of their paycheck to their Vessel Passport using Ratio

  • Starting today, you can also use Vessel to sign up for Ratio. When you do, we’ll automatically make your Vessel wallet addresses the default destination for Ethereum and Solana payouts

  • Vessel users have the option to verify an email address or phone number and share it with sites that support logging in with a crypto wallet

  • Any site that uses Wallet Connect or Solana Wallet adapter already works with Vessel. And Vessel users can choose whether to actually share their Ethereum or Solana addresses with particular sites. If they chose not to, they can still authenticate and maintain control of their data and privacy

At Ratio, our mission is to make adding money to your crypto wallet feel more like adding money to Venmo or Cash App. That means giving users familiar “add money” options; without funding fees, and without processing fees.

We’re starting with payroll direct deposit, which is available today, direct to your Vessel Passport.

Download the Vessel Chrome extension here, or read more about the launch on their blog.

Sign up for the Ratio beta here. Invites go out each Monday, with priority given to Vessel users.