Payroll deposit to Vessel

Payroll deposit to Vessel

Ratio x Vessel

At Ratio, our mission is to make adding money to your crypto wallet as easy as adding money to Venmo or Cash App. That means giving users familiar “add money” options; without funding fees, and without card processing fees.

Starting today, Vessel users can convert part of their paycheck to Ethereum or Solana and send it directly to their Vessel Passport.

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Vessel users get priority access. Your invite will go out within two weeks.

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  • A: No. Ratio is receiving your direct deposit and automatically converting it to crypto on your behalf. Your paystub will not change.

  • We support Bitcoin, Ethereum (mainnet, Arbitrum, Optimism), Solana, and MATIC (Polygon). Support for USDC is coming soon. We will add support for new native assets and their corresponding chains based on customer demand.

  • Liquidity providers charge a spread between the price paid for a given crypto asset, and the price they will sell that asset to you. Our liquidity partners charge a 1.5% spread and share a part of that revenue with Ratio.

  • A: Your Vessel Passport is an identity and crypto management chrome extension that can be used on both Web2 and Web3 sites, services, and applications. In the future, you’ll be able to use Vessel on mobile, too. Surf the internet and make any crypto transaction safely and securely by taking control of when and where you share your personal and crypto data. Optimize your browsing and crypto experience– Vessel eliminates manual account creation and log in tasks, password management, and seed phrases.

  • A: One-click login– skip creating net new accounts or logging in manually with sites you trust. You just need to verify your personal info, like your email address, one time with Vessel and you never need to enter your email on any site again. Land on a supported site to connect and share your passport with one click. Make crypto transactions across different blockchain networks with your Vessel Ethereum and Solana wallet. Keep your crypto history and activity protected and private until you want to sign off on a transaction.

  • A: By default, your Vessel wallet addresses and crypto activity are never shared in order to preserve your privacy. If the site supports wallets, you’ll have the option to connect your wallet when you want to. When connecting your Vessel wallets with a site, they will have read-only access to your crypto addresses, balances, and activity. Additionally, they will be able to send you requests for transactions. Ensure that you only connect your Vessel wallets with sites you trust.

Still have questions? Contact us by Twitter DM or email and we will get back to you by the next business day.