🚀 Guide to USD in Web3 (Coming Soon)

Embed USD payments into any Web3 app

We are putting an end to 70% decline rates and getting bounced out to the browser.

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wallet-app [main]
npm install @ratio.me/react
: reify:react-plaid-sdk: http fetch
: reify:css-tree: timing reifyNode
: reify: domelementtype: timing reify: node
: reify: @ratio.me/react audit
: idealTree:completed in 2s
: idealTree:idealTree build
added 18 and audited 1259 packages in 5s
Run 'npm audit' for details
wallet-app [main]⚡️

Mobile and Web SDKs

Users auth with wallet and never leave the context of your app. No more bouncing the user between app and browsers.


You own the user experience.
We manage user data, compliance, and risk.

Our commitment to partners

Always present but never in the way

We give you as much control as possible over the UX, while taking full responsibility for managing user data, compliance, and risk.

Any use case; including USD to contract

Launch with our SDKs in less than a week or white label our API in about a month.

Like having an in-house payments team

A fully documented API, updated daily. Work directly with our team via Slack.

Your users will notice the difference

You will receive
2,000 USDC
1,940 USDC
Linked bank account
Processing time
Ratio fee
Total cost
Get it instantly?
3% FEE
Crypto will be sent to your wallet instantly.

A delightfully familiar pattern for deposits, withdrawals, and payments.

Sign in with Ethereum

Web3 native authentication

Seamless authentication via Sign in with Ethereum

No selfies or ID's required

95% of users onboard without showing ID or taking a selfie