End users

We built Ratio because it’s too difficult to move money between USD and Web3. If you’re here, hopefully you found us inside one of your favourite Web3 applications.

If you’re planning to use Ratio, here are some things you should know.

We're transparent

Our business model is simple

We collect a fee each time you exchange US Dollars for Digital Assets, or vice versa. This is the only fee we charge, and it is shown in US Dollars each time you transact with us. Unlike other onramps, we do not charge a spread or earn a kickback from liquidity providers.

Your funds are safe

When you hold a US Dollar balance in your Ratio account, your funds are held in an FDIC-insured account at Solid Financial Technologies, Inc.

We never custody cryptocurrency on behalf of users.

We are BSA/AML compliant

Our BSA/AML program requires that we know the identity of each user of our service, and that we report any suspicious transactions to FinCEN as well as our sponsor bank.  A suspicious transaction is one in which we have reason to suspect that the transaction involves money laundering or other illegal activity.

Your personal information is private & secure

Ratio is committed to protecting the privacy of users, we do not sell your data to other companies, and only share data with partners, such as Solid Financial Technologies, Inc. for the purposes of operating our compliance program.

Advanced encryption

Advanced encryption at both the system and data level protects your data. Access is strictly controlled and monitored.


Two-factor authentication is enabled for all users as well as additional security features to provide multiple layers of protection.

Secure infrastructure

Security policies to only allow access to sensitive systems (such as databases) from within our own networks and block access to the outside world.

Robust monitoring

We use a variety of application monitoring tools to detecting vulnerabilities and potential threats.

How Ratio works

As a user of Ratio, you will create an account, confirm your identity, and link a funding source. You can now deposit US Dollars and instantly exchange US Dollars for digital assets.

When you exchange US Dollars for digital assets, or vice versa, Ratio sends USDC from it’s own wallet through our on-chain money router and to the Web3 account of your choice.